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Age: 3

Breed: Pocket Bully

Vaccinations: Up to date

Suitable environment: Children from 7 up, Dog Friendly, Possibly Dog Friendly: see description, Not tested with Cats


Kora is a lively and affectionate little pocket rocket, known for her small size and loving energy. She’s all about hanging out with her people, loving every minute of cuddles and playtime. With her favorite toys and treats nearby, she’s pretty easy to care for. She’s always up for chilling on your lap or catching some z’s. Kora’s also a great watchdog, letting you know when potential intruders are trying to break in (the postman delivering post). And when it comes to beach days, she’s in her element, going crazy for the water and keeping an eye out for any sneaky waves approaching. While she’s usually friendly and neutral with both people and other dogs, it’s smart to be careful around new furry friends. Despite not showing signs of aggression towards her furry foster siblings, she does have a history of not getting along with other dogs. Even though she’s not the most energetic pup, she still loves a good hike and needs a solid couple of hours of fun each day.

Health & Behaviour

Kora was taken for euthanasia for not getting on with the other dog in the home, so when we picked her up we expected to pick up a dog who hated other dogs, or showed aggression/behaviours that didn’t welcome other dogs. She was taken home by our volunteer who has other dogs to see how she was, and since then she has given us no trouble or shown any aggressive tendencies.

Kora was adopted by a couple with another friendly dog, who Kora then had caused a fight with after a few days in the home. She began to show a few jealous tendencies and was then returned to us so we have made the decision to make sure she is the only dog in the home. 

Out on walks, Kora shows no adverse behaviours and loves to play with other dogs. She is also great off lead, making sure her foster mum is always nearby.

Kora has no health problems and will be neutered soon. We have been waiting for her season to neuter her months post season so it’s as safe as possible for her.

Perfect Match?

Kora’s ideal home would be one without children or other pets, although she can coexist with older children. She is comfortable being left alone for extended periods and can be crated if necessary, although her non-destructive behavior makes crating optional. She thrives in a calm environment where she can receive ample attention and affection.

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Additional information to note: Included in the adoption fee, dogs will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and flea and wormed by the rescue if the situation allows for it.

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