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Age: 3

Breed: Bulldog

Vaccinations: Up to date

Suitable environment: Children from 7 up, Dog Friendly, Cat Friendly


Lucky is extremely loving and affectionate. She is good with the cats and chickens in her current foster home, she  just wants to say hello and is respectful. Lucky loves her walks and very rarely pulls hard.  She is dog friendly but will tell off when a dog gets in her face. She can have teenage tantrums, especially when not sharing food with her. She wants to be involved in everything the family does so will complain if not included. Lucky is not a fan of being in the garden for more than absolutely necessary. She is housetrained and will use the garden to go to the toilet. Lucky has always slept in a bed with her owner and can throw quite the tantrum if not allowed to do this. She can be a bit mischievous at times  jumping up on the dining table, her foster mum says she is like a gazelle despite her chunky build.

Health & Behaviour

Lucky is in relatively good health however needs a hypoallergenic diet. This helps with irritated skin flare ups Lucky does suffer with. We have found these are managed with our vet advised diet. Lucky is not diagnosed with a specific medical condition. Other than teenage tantrums and having some difficulties dealing with changes in routine since being in foster, Lucky has no behavioural issues. She has shown signs of some separation anxiety noted in her behavioural assessment, this is currently being worked on in her foster home under guidance of our trainer.

Perfect Match?

Lucky needs a patient owner as she transitions into her new life. She is used to so many home comforts in her previous home and she does not quite understand why these would be taken away from her, such as sleeping in a bed with her family.  We believe this, along with Lucky’s separation anxiety can be worked on with a confident owner.Lucky will thrive in a loving home where her new family will understand the challenges faced by a rescue dog having to change environments and routines. Lucky will make a great addition to a family.

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Additional information to note: Included in the adoption fee, dogs will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and flea and wormed by the rescue if the situation allows for it.

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