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Age: 2-3

Breed: Lurcher

Vaccinations: Up to date

Suitable environment: Adult Only Home, Dog Friendly, Not tested with Cats


Shadow has come to us from a council pound and faced euthanasia as he had bitten in his foster home.

Shadow can be nervous of new people and new situations. We have no idea what he has been through in his past or what trauma has made him nervous.

He quickly warms up to new people – within minutes in fact – and once he knows you mean no harm he will want to stay by your side for comfort and cuddles. All of us at the rescue have build a strong bond with him and we can tell he feels safe when around us so we don’t doubt the right home will find him the perfect companion.
He is friendly with other dogs and has proven to be gentle with them even when being jumped on! So he could live with another friendly dog depending on their temperament.

Shadow is obsessed with footballs! Sure he likes tennis balls and normal dog toys but nothing beats a full size football! He gets very excited and bouncy and will play with one for ages.

Like most lurchers, Shadow will love a good run and play but will then zonk out and sleep for hours! He sleeps extremely well in his crate and is very clean and quiet.

Health & Behaviour

Shadow is healthy with no health concerns.

As mentioned above, Shadow has bitten in his foster home. It was a situation where he felt threatened.

He has shown no behaviour issues with ourselves but we have made sure he is muzzled before meeting new people. He can bark when he see’s groups of people oncoming/from afar.

He is muzzle trained and doesn’t show signs of discomfort or stress when wearing his muzzle, he puts it on without any fuss!

Shadow is one of them dogs that once you meet – you will fall in love with straight away. He’s a favourite amongst us here and has been a perfect resident since being with us.

Perfect Match?

Shadow needs an adult home due to his nervousness. Although once he knows you he is extremely loving, due to his past we cannot rehome him with children.

He will need to be crated when young children are visiting.

He can be left for sensible periods and is non destructive but we would prefer him to go to a home where someone isn’t out all day as he loves being around people.


His perfect home would be a young/Middle aged couple or single person who can give him all the love he truly deserves.

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Additional information to note: Included in the adoption fee, dogs will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and flea and wormed by the rescue if the situation allows for it.

Adoption fees vary depending on the age/breed/health of the dog and will be discussed following an appropriate match if a dog has not already been selected.

3-5 meet and greets will occur prior to rehoming, including initial meet/walks and a meet and greet in the new home.

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