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Age: 2

Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Vaccinations: Up to date

Suitable environment: Children from 13 up, No Other Dogs, No Cats


Hugo is very sociable with people and very friendly. He loves to be cuddled and will give you little kisses. Hugo has cheeky behaviours that are typical with the breed! He does like to bark alot – usually at other dogs when walking past or if he hears noises he can’t see! Although Hugo is small in size he is very energetic so he does need a good amount of exercise and stimulation to keep him happy or he can get a bit fed up. He thrives off lead in a private secure field, he loves running about in the grass, it brings him an immense amount of joy. 

Health & Behaviour

Hugo is in good health, he has no known health conditions and he is neutered. Hugo does have some separation anxiety. This is typical with the breed.  To help with this Hugo is crate trained. When in the crate he will bark  however will settle after a short while. Hugo  is fully house trained and has had no accidents with us, including through the night. Hugo will bark at external noises when he is in the home, he will need help overcoming this. 

Perfect Match?

Ideally Hugo will be in a new home where he will not be left for long periods of time. A highly suitable home would have experience with dachshunds to help ensure Hugo’s needs will be met. However experience with the breed is not necessary, what is essential is the willingness to work with Hugo to guide him and help him improve upon his less desirable behaviours. Previous behavioural experience with other breeds is transferable. Dachshunds can suffer with back problems so should have good insurance cover throughout his life which can be advised upon adoption. Hugo will be a very loyal companion and loves to please people, so we have no doubt he will thrive given the right environment.

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Additional information to note: Included in the adoption fee, dogs will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and flea and wormed by the rescue if the situation allows for it.

Adoption fees vary depending on the age/breed/health of the dog and will be discussed following an appropriate match if a dog has not already been selected.

3-5 meet and greets will occur prior to rehoming, including initial meet/walks and a meet and greet in the new home.

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