Rehabbed Wildlife

Various rehabilitated Birds

We have had the pleasure to rehabilitate many different birds with a whole range of issues. From ducklings, cygnets, waterfowl, chicks, pigeons and pheasants, we will always do our best to help an animal in need.

Young Female Barn Owl

This beautiful barn owl came into our care after surviving a road traffic collision. Her chances of survival were very slim, as such accidents often leave lasting and debilitating injuries. In most cases, a return to the wild is extremely unlikely. But against all odds, this resilient girl pulled through!

With a nasty open fracture to her wing, her chances of being able to fly again seemed bleak. We were able to splint her wing and put together a recovery plan for her. With the help of our Vet and experts, one of our amazing fosterers and rehabbers took on the task of looking after the owl and providing daily care.

Day by day, she started to gain strength and mobility in her broken wing. The time came when she was strong enough to try flying, and to our delight it wasn’t long before she was soaring around in a soft release aviary! Finally, the moment arrived when she was deemed ready to be released into the wild. We transported her back to where she was found and, when the conditions were right, we watched her glide off beautifully into the distance!

We are so proud and pleased that this beautiful girl was able to defy the odds and reclaim her rightful place in the wild. We hope that she is living her best life soaring through the skies!

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