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Charlie and Tess

Age: 13 & 14

Breed: Patterdale Terrier

Vaccinations: Up to date

Suitable environment: Children from 7 up, Possibly Dog Friendly: see description, Not tested with Cats


Charlie is such a sweet, calm little Patterdale Terrier. He is the alpha of the pack which means he gets the first pick of the food and toys but shares nicely with his Sister Tess. He likes to spend his time lazing on the sofa or in the sun. He loves a walk and walks well on his lead. He is really quiet and although he likes a fuss and a cuddle he also likes his own space. Such a distinguished gentleman.

Tess is the excitable one of the two. She loves her humans and likes a cuddle and attention from them. She is like a puppy flailing her legs around when you come down in the morning. She is the beta of the group and looks to Charlie for reassurance. She lets him take first dibs on the food and toys. Tess loves a play and her walks. She is rather quiet but makes up for it in affection. Tess is such a sweet girl who will make the perfect pet for someone.

Health & Behaviour

Both dogs are in good health for their age. Charlie is neutered, but Tess is not.

Perfect Match?

Charlie and Tess would love a home with no other animals, although they don’t necessarily show negative behaviours to other animals they have always lived alone with their humans. At their age we wouldn’t want to mix things up and make them uncomfortable.

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Additional information to note: Included in the adoption fee, dogs will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and flea and wormed by the rescue if the situation allows for it.

Adoption fees vary depending on the age/breed/health of the dog and will be discussed following an appropriate match if a dog has not already been selected.

3-5 meet and greets will occur prior to rehoming, including initial meet/walks and a meet and greet in the new home.

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