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Age: 4

Breed: Boston Terrier x French Bulldog

Vaccinations: Up to date

Suitable environment: Adult Only Home, Possibly Dog Friendly: see description, No Cats


Frankie is very playful and absolutely loves toys. He likes his food too! Frankie has some ‘quirks’ and will need an understanding owner who in return will have a very loving boy towards them. Frankie is wary of new people and may try to nip if a stranger approaches him or tries to stroke him. When he understands you mean no harm, he becomes the cheekiest and lovely boy who is full of character

Frankie loves walks, he can do decent sized walks. He enjoys off leash time, this must be at a secure dog field to keep him safe. Frankie needs a loving confident leader. He will need boundaries and consistency with keeping these boundaries in place for him to thrive. His new home will need no children due to his anxieties. Ideally there would be minimal people visiting the home or you will need to ensure Frankie has a secure space/crate he can relax in when new people are around.

Health & Behaviour

Frankie is in good physical health. Frankie does have anxiety and this is shown in his weariness of strangers. This is purely fear based. We have worked on this with Frankie since coming into rescue. Where he once used to lunge at strangers to keep them away he now completely ignores them. However if a stranger would try to stoke Frankie, he is highly likely to nip. Frankie will not nip you once he knows you, so is fully capable of being neutralised within a comfortable and familiar setting. Although he likes female dogs, he will lunge at them over food. Frankie does not like male dogs. Therefore it is not possible to trust Frankie 100% with any dog. Frankie is good motivated and can be trained using treats as well as positive reinforcement.

Perfect Match?

You will need to have patience and understanding when it comes to Frankie. You must either have experience with anxiety in dogs or a willingness to learn. Frankie does need  firm but kind humans in his life. He needs his human family to help him build his confidence and overcome his fears. Positive reinforcement must be consistent, rewarding Frankie for desired behaviours and for making his own good choices. With Frankie you will need to be a step ahead of his reactivity and be sure not to reinforce any undesired behaviours. There are plenty of exercises and activities you can do to help Frankie overcome his fears. You will have the best bond with this little chap as once he is comfortable with you, he is an extremely loving and playful soul.

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Additional information to note: Included in the adoption fee, dogs will be neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and flea and wormed by the rescue if the situation allows for it.

Adoption fees vary depending on the age/breed/health of the dog and will be discussed following an appropriate match if a dog has not already been selected.

3-5 meet and greets will occur prior to rehoming, including initial meet/walks and a meet and greet in the new home.

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