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Age: 3

Breed: Staffy X Boxer

Vaccinations: Up to date

Suitable environment: Children from 13 up, Dog Friendly, No Cats


Tigger is a lovely sweet girl, she is all cuddles and kisses. She has oodles of energy and is very bouncy, hence her name Tigger! She is a confident dog, she walks great on lead and has been working hard with her current foster on environmental exposure (as she has clearly lacked this in her past). Tigger is great with other dogs once introduced. She currently lives with an adult female dog in foster and they have become great friends. Tigger loves rough play although she wrestles gently. She is lacking in some manners although this is currently being worked on she still has a habit of jumping up at people as well as sometimes mouthing during play. Tigger can be mischievous! She will steal and break things when bored thus will need plenty of mental stimulation. Tigger is very loyal, she loves attention and thrives being in the presence of people.

Health & Behaviour

Tigger is in good health with no known health conditions. She will need continual work on manners so she learns that it is impolite to jump up at people and not always welcomed. Although she gets along well with other dogs she can become vocal and reactive if another dog initiates this type of interaction. Basically she reacts to reactivity so will need work on naturalizing this behaviour. Tigger has learnt the “STOP” command however she will need continual rehearsing to remain effective.  Tigger has not been able to master “DROP” when trying to retrieve items, this will need more work. The key with Tigger is plenty of mental stimulation to alleviate boredom. A flirt pole would be a good tool to help tire her out.  The crate is hugely beneficial with Tigger as she becomes bored easily and this often leads to destructive behaviours. Tigger is crate trained and soon settles once her crate is covered. She is currently in foster with another dog. Initially she was a little too boisterous and had no manners however her foster sister showed her what was acceptable. They live together in harmony and have no issues.

Perfect Match?

If you desire an energetic dog who loves lots of activities, then Tigger may be just your girl. Tigger will need ongoing training to help her grow into a well rounded family pet. You will need to be prepared to train with Tigger inside and outside of the home. The reward for all your hard work will be lots of affection from Tigger. We highly recommend continuing to use a crate with Tigger as this is her safe space and will minimize any accidental damage due to destruction (caused by boredom). Tigger is not a fussy eater so will be easy to please at meal times and is great with food based rewards. Due to how affectionate Tigger is, we also think she will respond well to plenty of praise as a reward. She’s a very clever young girl who learns quickly. Tigger will definitely need an active home where she is able to have a good run around to burn off her energy. She has been running with her foster mum and keeps pace well. Tigger can live with older children and another dog depending on temperament. She can live with another dog who will not  get annoyed with her being a big bouncy ball of energy!

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